Commercial Law

As a full service law firm, we provide a complete range of commercial law services related to all kind of commercial transactions including but not limited to drafting and negotiating distribution agreements, agency agreements and franchise agreements, commercial agreements for the transfer of goods, rights, and services, supply chain and procurement, cross-border commercial activities and international sales.

The firm has many different clients from different sectors like manufacturing, food and beverage, telecommunication, logistics, import and export, service and hence the requirements grounding on the dynamics of the related sector and expectations of the clients can be reflected to the contracts as well as the standard terms and conditions properly.

Consumer protection and product liability, licences and warranty issues, unfair competition, marketing and advertisement regulations consultancy are all provided in this context.

  • Drafting, Negotiation, Management and Termination of Commercial Agreements And Contracts
  • Agency, Distributorship, Franchising, Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Marketing And Advertising,
  • Manufacturing And Supply Agreements
  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • International Sales of Goods
  • Transportation
  • Permissions And Licenses
  • Import And Export Regulations
  • Consumer Protection and Product Liability
  • Unfair Competition
  • Anti-Damping And Quotas
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