K& P experts are trusted advisors on designing practical data privacy or anti-bribery program that complies with global requirements and practical remediation measures. Defining and conducting risk assessment (legal risk as a component of Enterprise Risk Management) essentials, legally effective local & global policies and procedures, cost effective controls and approaches for the processes like M&A or due diligence, planning company and enterprise wide trainings & communications, preparing and utilizing incident assessments are the main stream necessities of the compliance process.

K&P provides clients with both technical and non-contentious regulatory issues and consults for the clients' interactions with regulators.

We also represent our clients the highest standards of transparency and accountability with our leading regulatory litigation team.

Due to the variating global nature of regulatory compliance, we have the vision for the requirement of well established links with high ranked firms in other jurisdictions, as well as our own overseas offices.

  • Compliance Check Up for Regulatory Sectors
  • Whistleblowing
  • Corporate Examinations and Investigations
  • Corporate Governance Check Up on Codes, Policies & Procedures
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